Pumpkin and carrot soup

And there you go… Another pumpkin soup recipe online. I have to admit that when I was little I didn’t know the taste of pumpkin as such. Pumpkin seeds were sort of a popular snack, along with sunflowers seeds but we would never eat pumpkin as a vegetable. My mom never cooked it. Now I think it was a shame as it’s such a tasty and healthy add-on to almost every dinner -especially roasted in the oven- but this a topic for another post. Since we are trying to avoid eating meat during the week, I make this soup quite often. It has Moroccan origins from what I can remember and I’ve known this recipe for years now. I recall making it for one of my friends, who suggested adding to it some cinnamon and I guess you could try that, once you feel comfortable with the preparation. It’s one of those easy and fast dishes that you can make any time really, regardless of the time of the year. One last thing- in the recipe I mention parsley- but I do not add it since my boyfriend doesn’t like things like parsley in the soup. However I would really recommend you to use it, just to break nicely the taste of the pumpkin and carrots.



Serving- 4 people, preparation time- 20 min, cooking time- 40-45 min

  1. 500 gr of pumpkin- if you don’t have pumpkin you can also use butternut squash, I’ve done that in the past and the taste is almost the same
  2. 500 gr of carrots
  3. 2/3 turnips
  4. 2/3 medium sized onions or spring onions
  5. parsley, half of lemon
  6. olive oil
  7.  salt, black pepper


Prepare the vegetables- dice in one go turnips, onions, carrots and pumpkin. In the pot- I use a ceramic one, as vegetables simply taste better when cooked in a ceramic pot- pour some olive oil and heat it a little bit. Start frying gently turnip and onions- for about 5 minutes. After 5 minutes add carrots and pumpkin and pour some water- about half of a glass should be enough. Cook all together on a low fire, stirring occasionally for about 40 minutes, until the vegetables get soft. If you have a lemon you can squeeze one half into your soup- or if you prefer the taste to be mild do not add the lemon juice. Also don’t forget to add some salt and black pepper. I would recommend to add spices right after you add pumpkin, since from my own experience if you don’t do that at the beginning, after a while it doesn’t matter how much salt you add in,the pumpkin will be tasteless. And don’t ask me why…




After about 40-45 min when the vegetable are soft you have to blend them in order to make the soup creamy. I use the blender; however you can also use a hand mixer if you don’t have a blender at home. Be careful- the soup is still very hot- I usually leave it for 5-10 minutes to cool off before I blend it. Once you blend the soup you can add some parsley. Take a small frying pan, heat up some olive oil and fry some diced parsley for just 1-2 minutes. When ready pour it on a top of the soup and it’s ready. And here especially for you the parsley version- sic!




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