Saucisson de Lyon

This is a little continuation of my previous post about Lyon. I was thinking that if you ever happen to visit the city and by any chance you decide to go for Saucisson de Lyon, there will be a little question there… How on earth do I cook this thing??? Well, I got you covered. I already mentioned that this sausage is considered as a flagship product of the region and is basically the symbol of Lyon and its cuisine. The buying part is the more difficult one, since it’s not that easy to buy it, apart from good places, where you can get regional products- if you’re not in Lyon of course. The cooking part is easy and quick. I also was in this situation once, when we bought this sausage and brought it home. I have to admit here, that my boyfriend, who apart from eating is not capable of doing anything else in the kitchen (does washing the dishes count?? … eghm), explained to me how his mom has always done that. I only follow the real family tradition, and it will stay this way for sure.



Makes serving for 2/3 people, preparation time 10 minutes, cooking time- until the potatoes are soft- around 35-40 min

  1. 1 saucisson de Lyon
  2. 8-9 medium sizes potatoes
  3. water
  4. some butter
  5. mustard- I always have this dish with mustard but it’s up to you


Just  look at these pictures below. Nice and easy ha? Prepare the potatoes- wash them and cut them in halves if they are very big. Place the sausage at the bottom of a big pot and surround it with the potatoes; exactly like I did on the picture. The next thing- pour some water- it should cover the potatoes. No need to add any salt, the sausage is salty enough, and you will see that potatoes will get this nice flavor of salt and meat. Cook everything together on low fire until you see that sausage is not on the bottom of the pot anymore- it will be on its surface. Also the potatoes have to be soft. Serve hot, with some butter. As for the wine, my boyfriend says it HAS to be Beaujolais.



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