Dorade fish with cherry tomatoes, lemon and parsley, otherwise known as An Angry Fish

Fish is a difficult topic in my house.  My boyfriend doesn’t like it. Well, ” doesn’t like” is probably an euphemism here and an inappropriate one, on the other hand I don’t think it would be appropriate to use other words just to describe what he thinks of fish.  And this will never change. While ago I realized that I completely gave up on making fish at home- because of the ABOVE, but I decided to go back to it no matter what. Come on! The summer is almost here and I’m pretty sure that most of you is looking forward to holidays, fish, the sea- or even better the ocean! This is very simple and quick recipe, and it doesn’t require many ingredients. I think the less you add to the fish the better. Dorade fish is one of my favorites, simple, tasty and with this elegant look when served. Also if you don’t like bones in your fish, this is the right one to go for. You probably recognized on the picture asparagus- I used it this time only because it was in my fridge and I have to say it added the extra flavor to the usual combination. So, if you feel like eating asparagus with Dorade fish I’m sure you won’t be sorry. By the way- you might wonder why “An Angry Fish”…Look at the picture. Dorade looks like it was in a bad mood doesn’t it? So I always call it angry because of that “face” expression.



1 Dorade fish makes one serving, so adjust accordingly, preparation time- around 20 min, marinating time- 15-20 min, time in the oven- 30 min, oven temperature- 180/200 C

  1. Dorade fish- as many as you need
  2. 200-300 g of cherry tomatoes- feel free to increase this amount accordingly
  3. fresh parsley- chop it and divide in two parts, one you will use for the marinade, the other half you need for the stuffing
  4. 2-3 cloves of garlic- freshly crushed
  5. asparagus- in this case 3-4 spears
  6. lemon juice- half of lemon is enough, freshly squeezed of course
  7. olive oil- half a glass
  8. white wine-, half a glass, only if you feel like, I add it to the sauce
  9. salt and white pepper



In a glass jar combine together olive oil, lemon juice, crushed garlic and chopped parsley. I have to say I’m lucky to go to Italy often enough just to stocked up on certain ingredients such as like lemon olive oil. It’s a fantastic thing and if you have it  just use this one. By the way, check also the orange olive oil- excellent for meat. All of this on Last year in Erice, in Sicily, I’ve met the lady, who is the producer of these incredible goodies. She’s a lovely person and of course I couldn’t resist and I HAD to buy some of the olive oil she offers. You should see my boyfriend’s face when he was carrying that bag…


I assume the fish is washed and ready to be cooked, so prepare a mix of salt and white pepper and sprinkle the fish with it. Once done spread also the marinade all over the fish- don’t forget to do it inside of the fish too. Leave aside.

In the meantime cut cherry tomatoes in halves, and dice asparagus like below.


The very last thing you have to do is to stuff the fish belly with some cherry tomatoes, asparagus and parsley.


Your Dorade fish is almost ready. When you place it inside of the baking dish, just sparkle the rest of the veggies around and pour some white wine if you wish to do so. Also some salt and pepper just to add a bit of flavor to the sauce is fine. Place it in the oven for about 30 min. Enjoy!



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