Summer Beetroot Soup

Some time ago I went through my archives- oh you know yourselves, sometimes you need to do this little cleaning,  organize some of your old posts, maybe some of them need to be updated and so on ( let’s be honest here, I do it mostly, because I still can’t believe I DID ALL THIS…)- and I realized that I barely share soup recipes here. It’s a pity, because we like soup at home, and I make it quite often. It’s true, in the summer time we all usually eat more vegetables, salads of different types, fruits and the soup- especially in France, for some reason- is considered more as a winter dish. However, today I would like to share with you the recipe for a beetroot soup, which my mom was making always and only in the summer time. For one simple reason- you eat every single part of the beetroot, including the leaves and the stalks. I don’t know how it works for you, but I really don’t like throwing away some parts of the vegetables. If I can I only wash them, and almost never peel them. I think whatever is good in veggies, is usually under the peel, so I really try not to spoil it. When I was working on this post, I started reading a bit more about these beetroot leaves, as I was curious if they are also so healthy and imagine, it looks like beetroot leaves and even the stalks are high in potassium, vitamin C, folate, carotenoid antioxidants and iron! I’m not sure if my mom knew all this, but when I think of it from the time perspective, the food she was making during all those years, including this soup, was always carefully and thoughtfully selected and prepared. She’s got an incredible intuition when comes to foods, and what’s good for you. This soup was almost like a staple during the summer time, and it’s really an enjoyable meal if you have all these fresh vegetables. It’s so popular in my country, that recently my friend and I were complaining about the fact that you cannot buy beetroots with leaves in Luxembourg! So finally when I found them on the food market in France (my friend asked me to let her know when I find them 😀 ) I didn’t wait any longer, just bought them and here you are! This recipe is purely vegetarian, moreover it can be vegan if you give up on the cream and the eggs.



Makes 3-4 servings, preparation time- 15-20 min, cooking time- 30 min, until the vegetables are tender. I use a ceramic pot for making soup, so the cooking time is a little bit shorter.

  1. 5-6 beetroots with leaves, the vegetables should be still “young”, not big, especially the leaves
  2. 4-5 young carrots
  3. 7-8 baby potatoes
  4. lemon juice- freshly squeezed, just a few drops literary, however it’s up to you, it can be more than that
  5. salt, black pepper
  6. 4 hard boiled eggs- 1 egg per serving
  7. 2 tablespoons of thick cream- optional, but the soup is nicer with cream 🙂
  8. water



Prepare the vegetables- separate the leaves and stalks from the beetroots, dice carrots, beetroots, and potatoes in small pieces. Place them in a big pot and add some water, salt and black pepper.


Cook the vegetables for about 20-25 min, in the meantime chop the beetroot leaves and the stalks in small pieces. Also don’t forget to boil the eggs.

IMG_6186IMG_6179 IMG_6183

Once the carrots and beetroots are almost tender add the leaves and the stalks. Combine everything together and cook for another 10 min not more. Adjust seasoning if you think it’s necessary. Also add the cream if you feel like.


After 30 min the soup should be ready. My mom was always adding hard boiled eggs at the very end. Just place one egg on each plate, cut in half and pour some soup. It’s yummy 🙂

IMG_6208IMG_6207 IMG_6203


Beetroots 3



21 thoughts on “Summer Beetroot Soup

      • Your images draw us in and the recipes keep us there. Just gone to look at Pang’s site too. Wow. Between the two of you I am seriously wanting to do a photography course! Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂


      • You have no idea how it makes me happy to hear that, I consider Pang as a real food photographer, comparing to her I’m just the beginner 😀 I like your photos, your posts are always so thoughtful, so not sure who is the inspiration here 😉


  1. Lovely post and gorgeous pictures! My mom (who’s Russian) loves making cold beet soup during summer, and whenever she sees beets with the greens, she immediately buys them! She sometimes serves hers with egg, but also likes serving it with chopped cucumber pieces and lots of fresh herbs. I love both!


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