Sicily – a sneak peak

I’m using the opportunity that I have a really good internet connection tonight, and decided not to wait until I’m back home. I simply think you HAVE to see what I see every day. These pictures are not edited, as I have no possibility to do this. I could only resize them a little bit. It’s all fresh, taken just today! We got to Trapani on Tuesday evening, got the rental car and drove to Castellammare del Golfo. Below are the pictures taken from one of the view points just on the way to that city. I took them only this morning, because I do not bring my camera to the beach, and yesterday we spent the whole day on the beach in San Vito lo Capo. So no pictures from there 🙂 If I get a chance like today, I will post more pictures just to share this sun and wonderful weather with you. Sicily is beautiful.  It’s our second time here. Last year we came here for a week, but decided to come back,  since we had not enough time to see everything.  This year we are travelling along the Eastern part of the island. So I’m hoping to show you also Modica- famous for its chocolate- one of the most famous places in the whole world in fact. Ragusa is on our way too- famous for the TV series Detective Montalbano! We are going to see the temples in Siracuse and Taormina. This time we are staying in places were I can cook, so I’m sure I will share some quick recipes here too. Yesterday I made delicious pasta with sausages, red wine and some cherry tomatoes. We bought them straight from the farmer, like the fruits we eat every day. I promise I will go on a photo hunt to show you all these wonderful vegetables, and peaches-so delicious! And apples, pears and so many others, which I don’t even know the name for!

I hope you will like it!





What you see below is a part of private property. It used to be so called la tonnara, which means a place, were people were fishing the tuna fish. Sicily is very famous for this, but as far as I remember there is only one still active. The rest of them are used as museums…


Or as a movie set!! Tonnara di Scopello-that’s how it’s called- has been an important part of the famous movie Detective Montalbano 🙂 I’ve seen each episode so many times! If you’re familiar with this TV series I’m sure you will recognise this house. Here lives the sister of detective Mimi 😀




Scopello is a lovely village, where we had a quick lunch. The rest of the afternoon we decided to spend on the beach again. The sea is wonderful, but to be honest too many stones!! Tomorrow I’m getting those special shoes just to protect my feet.

Below this very nice restaurant,  where we had our lunch 🙂


This was the view from the restaurant…


Scopello again..


Next time I’ll try to show you the famous chocolate from Modica and the city of Ragusa. Time to go to bed. We’re leaving early in the morning to see the lake and the famous stairs in Caltagirone. Good night 🙂



20 thoughts on “Sicily – a sneak peak

    • Sicily is gorgeous, I love being here. The water is incredibly blue and crystal clear. Everyone should be able to see all this, that’s why at least I want to share the pictures here. Thank you for visiting 🙂


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