Roasted Turnips and Carrots Mix

This morning I woke up and it was dark! Not because I slept too long, but because this is it. The Fall. It’s here. I’m still trying not to let the summer go. Yesterday I was wearing that nice summer dress, the weather is still kind of OK, but when I go home after work, I can simply feel it in the air. I guess it’s better if I get on with it then, instead of being sad. I know we can manage until next year, and the Summer will be back again 😀 I actually wanted to share something else with you this week- it’s ready and waiting, but I decided to post this roasted veggie mix, because it’s easy, quick and very tasty. And it’s very fall like dish. So as you probably already figured it out, it’s turnip and carrots. I love this combination. To be honest with you turnip was not the most popular dish at my parent’s house. I don’t know why my mom was never really a big fan of it.


When I moved to Ireland, I started eating turnip, because it’s very popular down there. Lets face it, Irish diet is not the healthiest one, but they really like turnip! I also had a chance to have it in France, but it was usually cooked and for me there is not enough flavor in it. I love turnip when it’s roasted, and I mix it with carrots and some onions if I have them in my fridge. I hope you will like this recipe. I know, it doesn’t look impressive, but it’s full of aroma and flavor. I also did a little research on turnip, and it looks like it’s incredibly healthy not only for your body, but also for your hair, nails and your skin, and since it’s a season for it we better eat it up to be prepared for the winter time!



Makes 2 servings, preparation time 15 min, time in the oven 35 min, the oven temperature 180

  1. 4 medium turnips
  2. 4 medium carrots
  3. 2 small onions of any kind
  4. rosemary, thyme, tarragon- if you like it
  5. sea salt
  6. 5-6 tablespoons of olive oil



In advance chop herbs, and combine with the olive oil and some sea salt.



Preheat the oven.


Wash vegetables, peel the carrots if you prefer- as you can see on the pictures I usually only wash veggies. Everything what’s good in them is in that peel, and you don’t want to waste it. Cut the turnips into wedges and carrots simply cut in half, the same for the onions. On a baking sheet combine together the herbs with olive oil and the vegetables. Make sure you spread the marinate evenly.


After 30-35 min in the oven our turnip mix should be nicely crunchy but tender. Serve it while still hot, as a side dish or a starter. It’s perfect with some white wine and a homemade bread too 🙂




24 thoughts on “Roasted Turnips and Carrots Mix

  1. Turnips were always something disguised somewhere deep within a vegetable soup, it wasn’t until I worked in London under a (yes you guessed it) Irish Chef that I got to appreciate the Turnip. I think my fave way to enjoy is just like this, tossed with lots of brilliant herbs & caramelised just so.


  2. Lovely recipe Marta 🙂 They look tender, flavorful and yummy. The turnips have been so long neglected but they are widely used in Algerian cuisine. Try pickled turnip…The pictures are stunning, have a great day xx


  3. I feel just as you do about summer 😦 but its ok my favorite foods and flavors of the year are in fall so I guess there is something to look forward to. As a kid I hated turnips but now enjoy the soft sweetish flavor- I love the colors of this dish, looks light and delicious 🙂


    • Thank you so much. I like fall foods too, but what I don’t like is all these clothes I have to wear for the next 6 monyhs! And winter here can be realle severe, but at least there is something to look forward again 🙂


  4. I only came across turnip in Ireland too! I don’t think I ever saw it in Germany, but that might have been due to my shortsightedness 😉
    Lovely pictures – it makes me almost accept the fact that Autumn is upon us.


    • Have you tried that turnip puree they sale at Marks & Spencer in Dublin? They’re crazy about it! Yes, I think this photo session helped me to get over with the fact that it’s time to prepare these winter clothes awwwwwww 😀

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