My Kitchen This & That- Chocolate Glaze

To be honest with you I’m so glad the last week was over! The whole world has gone mad only because George Clooney was getting married! And it took him 4 days to do that! All these pictures on the internet and tabloids, everywhere and showing almost every detail of that event. The guests just arrived to Venice, the guests are taking the water taxi to get to the hotel, the guests are getting dressed for the wedding, George is having coffee with Cindy Crawford and her husband- the best man, let’s not forget about that! And then, the wedding, and the wedding dress, the wedding cake and the future wife! Aaaaaaah… I had enough. Here in Luxembourg we had other things to do- and one of them was a little birthday party, because the son of my friend was just turning 3 🙂 We were invited to the party and I decided to make a cake- nothing special, just another marble cake and the recipe you can find on my blog. If you remember the story with the butter and me running to save the whole thing, that’s the same cake. Enough to mention, that THIS TIME I forgot to add the baking powder… I don’t know what’s going on between this recipe and me, but yes, this time again I had to undertake some urgent rescue actions and finally I can show you how this cake really looks like.


If you’ve been following my blog you probably remember what My Kitchen This & That means. Here I show you only certain tricks or very short recipes which can be helpful in the cooking process. Today I would like to share this very quick but efficient recipe for chocolate glaze- believe me it works, I made it many times, both my dad and my mom have been making it as far as I can remember. It goes perfectly well with any kind of cake really, and the advantage of using this recipe is that we usually have the ingredients at home, it takes about 10 min to prepare and it’s delicious. Two rules need to be followed though- the butter has to be really cold and you have to mix everything really fast!



Preparation time- about 10 min, it makes a big serving- for a big cake

  1. 100 g of butter- from the fridge
  2. 200 g of powdered sugar- if you cannot measure it it’s less than a full glass
  3. 3 tablespoons of cocoa
  4. 2 tablespoons of potato flour
  5. 2 tablespoons of milk- you can replace with water if you have no milk



In a medium-sized pot place together the butter- chopped like on the picture above, sugar, cocoa, potato flour and the milk. Set the low heat- remember the butter should not melt too fast. Start combining all ingredients with energy. Important is that you keep stirring the glaze until the consistency becomes smooth and creamy. I hope you can see that on the pictures below. I did my best, but have to admit, this time I was focusing on mixing !




When the glaze is ready, wait another 5 minutes until it thickens a little bit more- but be careful because it does thicken very quickly. Once you feel the consistency is thick enough start spreading it over the cake. Like on the picture below.

Chocolate cake 1

Now you can work on it a little bit and spread the chocolate evenly around the cake. That’s a lot of fun!



And here is the whole cake with chocolate glaze. It was delicious! Happy Birthday to little Aris once again!



20 thoughts on “My Kitchen This & That- Chocolate Glaze

  1. I somehow managed to ignore most of the wedding hoo haa, but did see them on the cover of Hello magazine at the supermarket checkout. That was enough! Anyway, love this icing recipe. Is the potato flour the key? It looks shiny, luxe and as you say perfect for any cake. I can just imagine what Aris’s face looked like after a birthday slice!


    • Yes, I really think the potato flour is the key here- the same for the cake btw. You know that it was actually my boyfriend telling me during that part- I had like 4 pieces of the cake! 😀 The kids were adorable!

      Liked by 1 person

    • Oh if only George could read that! You know the only thing which really made me look at all those pictures from his wedding was Venice. I miss it so much,it’s my beloved city and I think I will have to go back there soon.It’s all George’s fault!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I have to admit, every time I looked up at the screens last week at work it was an hour by hour snoop shot of George & I even begun to think some terrible thing must have happened to get so much coverage….. but nope….. just another day. Good to keep it real I say….. now this cake, & these images. That my friend is newsworthy!


  3. Ooooh!
    Even though I’m not a chocolate fan, I really like this! It takes a sexy ass picture too.
    I admit though, over here, we are completely oblivious to George Clooneys wedding.. it just doesn’t come up. Maybe because the wedding wasn’t here. *shrug*


  4. I’m glad not the whole world has gone (C)looney. Love the glaze, but had a long web-related discussion about potato starch and how we couldn’t find it, only corn starch. I wonder if ‘Mondamin’ would do the trick?


    • Hmmm you know I have no clue, I never tried to replace it. Here in Lux you can buy it everywhere. Have you tried to look for it online? I can send you some if you need it 🙂 I really believe it’s a question of consistency and I don’t think corn starch would do the job.

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