Pasta Linguine with meatballs & mushroom sauce

Do you ever ask yourself why you like cooking so much? Is it because you like experimenting, or maybe because you can learn new things, or because you like bringing back all these flavors from your childhood? Or maybe all of the above? Long time ago I realized that for me it was a way to relax and to think about things that are difficult, the decisions I have to make very soon and I know it will be tough but it has to be done, and also cooking is really something that gets me through. These days I’ve been thinking about “staff “, my work, the adjustments I have to make, the new job hunt I started- keep your fingers crossed! And all the things that I have to let go and move on, but I still kind of dwell on them or try to understand, even if it’s a waste of time and really not worth it. In moments like these I spend lots of time in the kitchen or reading my cook books, in the shops with kitchen equipment- even if I don’t buy anything, just looking around. For me it’s a decision making process. I think in a way cooking and food blogging for all of us is “an emergency exit”, because here we meet other people like us, people with whom we connect – in a certain context of course, but still it is a connection we create and it can last for a long time and makes us feeling appreciated and encouraged to continue what we started or maybe still work on. I hope this is not only me feeling this way 🙂 What do you think?


Sunday is my usual day when I spend some quality time in the kitchen, regardless of my thinking and decision making process, and today I decided to make this pasta with meatballs and mushroom sauce. It’s one of my favorites recipes ever. I know you can tell like any other recipe I shared so far haha but this one makes me proud for one reason- I developed the whole recipe, it’s delicious, and it doesn’t require that much effort. It takes a bit time to make it but believe me, once you try it, it will be back on your table very soon! I’m very happy to share here with you today, also because it’s getting colder outside so I guess we all are going to be eating more nutritious and heavier meals.



Makes 3 servings- I made 14 medium sized meatballs, preparation time- 30 min, cooking time- around 40 min, not more


  1. 300 g of mince meat- pork and beef, in proportion 150 g of pork and 150 g of beef
  2. 2 big carrots
  3. 1 egg
  4. breadcrumbs- 3-4 tablespoons
  5. 1 teaspoon of sweet red pepper
  6. sea salt, black pepper
  7. flour and breadcrumbs mixed together for dusting the meatballs
  8. 5-6 tablespoons of olive oil

 Mushroom sauce

  1. 2 /3 medium sized onions
  2. 250 g of mushrooms- any kind, I use just the regular mushrooms, but I would recommend to have 3-4 pieces of dried wild mushrooms for the sauce, they will give it the nice brown color and this sort of autumn like taste
  3. sea salt, black pepper
  4. rosemary- 1 spring
  5. 0.5 L of water
  6. 1/2 table spoons of sour cream or Bulgarian/Greek yogurt
  7. glass of red wine if you have it
  1. 250 g of pasta linguine




In advance grate the carrots.

In a glass bowl place together mince meat, an egg, carrots, add some breadcrumbs- 3-4 tablespoons, red pepper, salt and black pepper. Mix all ingredients together until combined evenly and form around 14 medium sized meatballs. Dust them with breadcrumbs and flour and fry on a medium heat, until they get nice golden- brown color. You might ask why carrots- I figured that the meatballs are more tender and nicely puffy once you fry them, and especially when the sauce is ready. I made them once without adding carrots- and I could tell there was a difference.



In a large sauce pan place the meatballs and pour the water- cover the meatballs with it- 0.5 of L should be enough. Cut the mushrooms in smaller pieces and chop the onions. Add everything to the sauce and let it stew for another 40 min. Stir the sauce occasionally, also when you think it thickens too much add some more water. Season accordingly and add some red wine if you have it. After 15-20 min add the dried wild mushrooms and rosemary. Mix the sauce gently and make sure all ingredients are combined evenly.




When the mushrooms are tender and the sauce starts to thickens add some cream or the yogurt, mix everything and you can start cooking the pasta. I used linguine, but any long pasta type is fine. Once the pasta is cooked, incorporate it into the sauce, and serve while still hot. This dish is yummy with fresh bread and red wine!




25 thoughts on “Pasta Linguine with meatballs & mushroom sauce

  1. Looks, delicious and comforting pasta!!!
    i had this kind of meatball and mushrooms sauce pasta in a restaurant before and it’s turn not that impressing because the meatball seems got more chemical filler on it, lol
    sure i’m gonna try this recipe and it must be more delish that the restaurant did….


  2. OMG!!! What happened, my dear friend? Is everything OK?
    Anyway, all I can say right now is starting a new journey is hard, but you have to admit it’s exciting. A good scare is in fact good for you, and it’s necessary when you embrace your new journey. You know, I am always ‘here’ if you need someone to listen. 🙂

    This recipe is so tempting, and I love your photos, esp. the 1st & 4th ones from the top.
    huge hugs to you.


    • Pang! I saw your last post 🙂 I’m glad you’re having a good time down there! Yes, change is difficult but I’m looking forward to it. Everything is fine, I think I’m on a right track my friend, I will email you this weekend, hugs 🙂


  3. This recipe went straight to my heart, Marta. I am a meatball lover all around! I haven’t thought to add carrots to the meatball mixture. I am sure this adds a nice, slightly sweeter taste. Also, the mushroom sauce sounds great with this dish!


    • Thank you Ngan! Many years ago I added carrots just to make it more vegetarian haha but it turned to be really tasty and frankly any time I make patties I always add carrots. We love this dish, enough to say there are no leftovers- it never happened 🙂


  4. The meatballs look so very tasty! 🙂
    I know what you mean about the kitchen being a sanctuary in a sense. Even after making cooking my profession, I still feel it is so rewarding and relaxing, even when cooking large quantities.
    Good luck with the job hunt! 🙂


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