Chicken Wings with Grappa and Honey

Brrrrrrrrr! It’s cold! Do you also have a feeling that every day when you wake up in the morning it gets just colder and colder?! I do. I can’t believe that in a few hours it will be December and then Christmas and New Year’s Eve 🙂 December is probably one of the nicest months within the whole year. People are kind to each other and simply more friendly. The streets are beautifully decorated and I’m sure we all love these little lights and Christmas trees. There is only one thing that scares me a little bit. It’s all this food we have to eat and all these drinks we have to drink !! It’s official and it started. I’m still trying to resist, but I know it’s pointless… sooner or later I’ll be like everyone else, eating sausages- Christmas market in Luxembourg, those countless Christmas lunches with friends- I haven’t seen them for ages right??! Those glaces of gluhwein- well it’s only once a year so why not in the end? Beer, wine, sausages, beer, wine… and even more sausages, and I don’t want to even think what else… Today I was busy with running a few errands in the house, so no going out- not this weekend anyway haha- but in order to prepare myself for what’s coming I decided to prepare my favorite chicken wings recipe. Some of you probably know, that I’m trying to be vegetarian, but frankly when it comes to chicken wings I cannot help it. I just go for it and I never have enough. My chicken wings are yummy. It’s because of the way I marinate them. Today I changed one thing though- instead of adding red wine I added some grappa. It’s cold outside and I thought, this was a perfect winter combination, some meat, spices and grappa to keep you warm. And… I roasted a few carrots too. It’s easy to make and simple dish, perfect for a quick lunch or even for a quick dinner. The only thing you have to remember is to marinate the chicken wings for at least one or two hours before you put them in the oven. I hope you are going to enjoy this recipe, because it’s really worth trying, and the grappa, honey and spices flavor will put you in a holiday mood for sure.



Makes 2 servings- 5 chicken wings per person, marinating time- at least 1 hour, time in the oven 45-50 min, the oven temperature- 180 C

  1. 10 chicken wings
  2. 10 young carrots


  1. 6 tablespoons of olive oil
  2. 2-3 cloves of garlic
  3. 2 teaspoons of grappa- I used the wild berries one
  4. 1 big teaspoon of honey
  5. 1 teaspoon of marjoram
  6. 4 teaspoons of sweet red pepper
  7. pinch of black pepper
  8. 1 teaspoon of sea salt
  9. pinch of red spicy pepper



In advance prepare the chicken wings- wash them and dry with paper towel. Also wash the carrots- no really need to peel them.

Prepare the marinade- in a big glass bowl combine together the olive oil, grappa, honey, marjoram, the spices and the garlic- crush it. Leave it aside for about 10 min, add the chicken wings and spread the marinate evenly. Leave aside for at least 1 hour. By the way- today I added some grappa, but usually I would add a glass of red wine- so if you prefer red wine no need for grappa.



Preheat the oven and place the chicken wings in the oven. Pour half a glass of water on the baking form. After 15 minutes add the carrots- try to spread the marinade over them and again add some water. Place everything in the oven for another 30 min or a bit more.


When the carrots are tender and the chicken wings get this wonderful light golden- bronze color you can switch off the oven and wait until the chicken wings cool down a little bit. Serve with bread and good wine. Enjoy 🙂




21 thoughts on “Chicken Wings with Grappa and Honey

  1. Oh wow, grappa and wings!? Who would have thought! I’m off to the liquor store to find some grappa because I’ve decided I must make these!! If I can’t find any, I do have Calvados (apple brandy)…do you think that would work?


    • Hmm to be honest I don’t know 🙂 I used the wild berries grappa and I would say it should be something similar, as apply flavor might be too sweet, but in the end why? Bonnie my boyfriend just brought for me from London some absolutely fantastic green tea- he knows how to make me happy! Have a lovey week xx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Babygirl, wonderful use of grappa again.
    And yes I read through you and Gingers conversation there, so we will not be able to come to London this year because the year is almost over, but next year aka tomorrow we will make it.
    Great use of honey and Grappa. Love this recipe!


    • I guess everyone knows what’s coming so we’re trying to get ready for it 🙂 Did you notice nobody cares about the poor healthy looking carrots ihhihiii it’s the grappa, the meat or the honey that we want! Have a nice week x


    • I knew you would say it was an excuse to use Grappa 😀 Yes, it was!! I brought it from Italy, from the Dolomites and it’s yummy so why not? Don’t even remaind me about the Christmas market- tomorrow I will deal with that!I have to set my running program so it would show me how many km I have to run extra after all this food awwwww

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      • I know you think it’s funny right?, but considering the prices of public transportation in London I would be doing that even if not being a bit too fat for my standards!! Seriously though, I will not be there this year, but next year I would be happy to go there, so we can arrange something for sure 🙂

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  3. Hehe, this is so funny, I started my post with Brr… too 😀 It is really that cold, isn’t it? Glad I’m not the only one feeling chilled to my bones, but Christmas will soon be here 😀 These wings look so good, I need to make some now!! Lets talk soon about the joint post thing xx


    • Naina here it’s only cold and wind awwww terrible! That’s why instead of wine I went for grappa 😀 This week I’ll have more time as I’m home alone for the whole week so I will email you ! xx


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