Breakfast buns and is grey the new blue?

Those of you who live around France, Germany or Luxembourg will probably agree with me on this one- the weather these days has been disgraceful. Nothing to add to it. On Friday I was sitting in the office when I saw that fog- it looked simply scary. If you remember any of those class B horror movies, when the danger was approaching and the atmosphere was becoming sort of heavy, steamy and gloomy, it looked exactly like that. That fog was moving towards the office! It was getting closer and closer. I asked my boss if he wanted to leave early, since I know getting a highway in this weather can be a pain in Lux. But he said he was more scared of the people going back home after all the crazy shopping- the sales are on- go figure…Yesterday we drove to France. You know, the usual weekend stuff- some food shopping, we checked the new shopping center- it’s called the Waves, and frankly I hope one day a huge wave will come and sort this thing out…The sky was gray- not blue anymore. All the possible shades of gray you can see on the sky these days. And this rain, not even snow, just rain and some ice falling down- ugh!! I can tell people are miserable. I was going to post something else today but after all this “grayeness” around me I changed my mind. I decided to go for something to cheer you up a little bit- breakfast buns! I don’t know about you, but in my house breakfast is IMPORTANT. During the week we don’t have breakfast together- no time for it- so we try to make it up over the weekends. Especially on Sundays. My boyfriend usually wakes up very early and goes to our favorite bakery. He brings the goodies, as we call it 😀 I make my coffee, he makes his hot chocolate- he’s French right?! We fight because he always forgets to leave some warm milk for my coffee. Then he’s not happy with me because I always eat what he bought for his bfast- that’s how we call breakfast- and it’s true- I always at least try his buns. Then we finally have our breakfast, and sometimes we watch one or two episodes of our favorite TV show- currently it’s “Vikings”, just in case you were looking for an inspiration 😉 It’s like a ritual, I can tell you. This is an important time for us, and it puts us in the good mood for the rest of the day.

Post 1

These buns are perfect for breakfast- or the afternoon tea. They will help you to start the day and the combination of good coffee, jam, milk and these buns will definitely make the rest of your day. On these pictures I tried to show a casual morning atmosphere- I used as much light as I could, just to make it more spring- early summer looking like, so your eyes could just enjoy the bright colors. Believe me I needed it myself and I hope you are going to like it too.


Makes 12 buns, preparation time- 15-20 min, resting time- 1,5 up to 2 hours, baking time- 15-20 min, the oven temperature- 200 C

  1. 1 tablespoon of instant yeast- you can also use the fresh ones- 10 g
  2. 1 glass- 200 ml of kefir, butter milk, yogurt ( the one you can drink is better)
  3. 1/4 glass of water
  4. 2 teaspoons of sugar
  5. 60 g of butter – I used 4 tablespoons of olive oil instead
  6. 1 egg
  7. 4 glasses of flour- around 600 g
  8. 2 teaspoons of salt

breakfast buns


In a big glass bowl combine all ingredients together. Knead the dough for about 15 min, set aside for 1,5- 2 hours. After this time knead the dough for 5 min, not more, and form 12 balls. Place them on a parchment paper, on a baking sheet. Spread some olive oil over the buns and set aside for another 30 min in a warm place. Preheat the oven- set the temp for 200 C.

Post 3


After 30 min the buns are ready to go. The last thing you have to do it to cut their surface with a sharp knife or the scissors- I made two cuts on each bun,not very long ones. Sparkle some flour over the buns and place them in the oven. The usual baking time is 15-20 min, or when they get a golden color.

Post 4

You can serve them when they are still warm, but even the next day these buns are still fresh and tasty. Excellent with jam, coffee and Nutella 😀 These are typical sweet and breakfast sort of buns, so don’t really go well with sausages and meat of any kind!



I hope you enjoyed this recipe and I also hope that we will see the sun very soon!! Have a lovely- and if possible, sunny week 🙂


All credits go to White Plate.


34 thoughts on “Breakfast buns and is grey the new blue?

  1. “Yesterday we drove to France…” Someday I would like to write these words myself Marta! Even though I am here in sunny CA, I know what you are talking about in regards to the weather (I’ve been watching CNN reporting from Northern France since early this morning :\). I need some of these buns to cheer me up….I am going to make them now…will report back soon. 😉


  2. Your buns look absolutely perfect, any baker would be jealous. You are so right about the weather: it is grey, dull, dark & dank. We fight it with liquid sunshine aka habanero salsa and I have just made a huge batch of it. Beautiful photos, as always. N xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much. The weather has not improved since I posted these buns so we’re also trying to fight it- today with great wine and homemade pizza😛it was yummy! Have a lovely weekend xx


    • You know I’ve never been to NYC and I really would like to go,maybe even this year😊thank you so much, I honestly admit I like these photos too- they remaind me a little bit of my breakfasts outside during the summer time, have a lovely week xx


  3. Oh these are the cutest things ever!!
    I love your Sunday routine, I keep forgetting your man is French hahaha.
    But he’s with you so I guess there’s hope for the frenchman afterall 😊😊


  4. I always love reading your post with “une pointe” of humor 😀 Your buns are perfect and look really delicious. I would totally devour one of these with my quince jam 😀 Have a great week, Marta xx


    • I also thought it would be difficult, but it depends on the recipe. These are very easy to make but I would like to try something more complicated at some point. I’m really glad you like them and thank you for coming back 😃Happy New Year!


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