Tart with Onions & Courgettes & Goat Cheese on the bread dough- Surprise Number 1

This is the first time when I’m publishing two recipes at the same time, but I would like to show you what can you do with one bread dough during one day- or two if you prefer. The second surprise will follow right after these two recipes. Please let me know if you thought before that you could make such a good use of bread dough. This tart, except from the dough, is all my idea. I had these ingredients at home and wanted to try if the combination of flavors would work out well. It did! I made it like a few times by now- at we loved it. It’s simple, vegetarian, which I’m sure many of you is going to like, however the second surprise will be also for meat eaters 🙂

As for the pictures, you might notice a few vegetables, which actually are not a part of this recipe, but it’s so grey outside, that I decided to add a bit of color to the composition. Also, nobody says you couldn’t use them, in a contrary, just give it a try! I’m sure it will work out perfectly well.



Makes one tart- size of the baking form- 11 cm x 35 cm- but of course you can use whatever you have available, baking time- 20/25 min, the oven temperature- 240 C, this tart is made out from the same dough as my recipe for Saturday White Bread .

  1. about 250 g of the bread dough – go here to see how to prepare it
  2. 1 courgette for the baking form of the size I used
  3. 2 small onions
  4. 3-4 tablespoons of sour cream
  5. 50/60 g of goat cheese- I use the fresh one, but if you prefer any other cheese just give it a try
  6. olive oil- 2 tablespoons
  7. pinch of salt and white pepper



The Dough

If you read my previous post, you probably remember that once we divide the dough for proofing, it’s going to need another hour or so. At this stage, once you’re happy with the size of your loaf, there is some dough left- it should be around 400 g, sometimes less but still you can use it all to make this tarte- 400 g will make two tarts by the way. Form a ball- exactly like for the bread, but it will be a bit smaller, and leave it aside- covered- also for 1.20 min or less if your kitchen is warmer than the required 21 C. Here are two ways of dealing with the second dish- like this tart- if you cannot fit into the oven both at the same time. Another thing- if you have no time to use the dough- just wrapped in a non perforated plastic bag and leave it in the fridge for another day, even two days is fine. This way you can actually plan two meals over the weekend- just take out the dough from the fridge and use your imagination!

  1. 20 minutes before you’re about to place the bread into the oven, put the tart dough into the fridge- I explained in my previous post, that this is going to “retard” the proofing process. Once the bread is ready, just take this dough out from the fridge and proceed with baking, without proofing it in a warm room. Just remember to give the oven another 10 min or so to reheat.
  2. what I do is- in the second stage of baking bread- when I take the lid off, I also do not add any more water- so the second baking form is free- I use this one for baking the tart. My idea is to take the advantage of the high temperature of the oven- this is a bread dough- not typical tart dough- therefore it requires high temperatures. Of course the dough was in the fridge before- the first step applies here too, it’s just I don’t wait until the bread is ready.


When the dough is ready, stretch it accordingly to the size of your baking form- by the way if you have a pizza form and more dough, just make a pizza shape and increase the amount of ingredients. I also made a pizza once and it was spectacular! Slice the vegetables finely. Chop the goat cheese into chunks. Spread the sour cream over the dough- be generous about it. Place the onions- you noticed there is no need to caramelize them- it’s the high temperature which will cook them through perfectly. Then place the courgettes and the cheese- just stick here and there the pieces of cheese- some of them place underneath the courgettes, some above. In a glass mix the olive and the salt and white pepper (or black, if you don’t have the white one), and then pour this mixture over the tart. Try to cover it evenly. You’re almost done.


Place the tart into the oven for 20-25 min. Not more. Once ready, take it out and set aside for another 20 min or so. Let it cool down a bit.


This tart is perfect as a starter. A bit crunchy on the edges but still very nice and soft in the middle. Slice it into smaller pieces and serve with your favorite drink. I hope you are going to like this idea 🙂




31 thoughts on “Tart with Onions & Courgettes & Goat Cheese on the bread dough- Surprise Number 1

    • Thank you Roger- I was actually surprised with the final result of this experiment. At some point I will post proper recipe for the pizza dough made in a similar way like this one here- it’s all about fermentation and proofing- incredible how simple it is!


  1. How cool, bread dough for crust…a truly clever idea! It’s like a pizza, except so much prettier and elegant! Love the presentation, Marta. Adding the colorful veggies totally makes the photos pop. 😉


    • I kind of figured out people might like this idea of something healthy- vegetables, but at the same time something close to “no diet” thing- bread and cream haha we loved this one, and you know I made it as pizza last week- it was amazing too!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Looks delicious, a different way of baking bread, I typically don’t like tart because the base is too pie-like so I like the use of bread!!


  3. Oh, Marta, what a good use for the bread dough, I never used it for a tart except onion cake. I have plenty of small pizza dough portions in the freezer and this is such a good way to whip up a quick weeknight meal. Great idea. Nicole


    • I’m happy you like it. I also thought it was a good idea, just wasn’t sure about the ingredient, but it looks like all goes really well together 🙂 and it’s true, once you have the dough, it’s so easy and fast to make this tart!

      Liked by 1 person

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