Rustic Pizza- Surprise Number 2 and let’s party at the Fiesta Friday!

If you remember my Tart with onions and courgettes and Saturday White Bread recipes, then you know that this recipe is a second surprise. As promised, today I would like to show you what you can do with the bread dough, and since it’s Friday- thank God!!- what else can we eat? Pizza! I called it Rustic Pizza- but it should be Mystic Pizza 😀 It was absolutely delicious. Crunchy on the edges and cheesy inside- all mozzarella. This time I made it with some homemade sausages. Yes, I got some supplies from my mom, and you can’t believe how happy I was to eat all these sausages, ham, pickles and many other things! A friend of mine told me- you kidding me right? Forget about being vegetarian! Eat it up! So I did. Don’t get me wrong- there are still some goods in the fridge, but we managed pretty well so far. In order to make a dough for this pizza please go back to Saturday White Bread recipe- this is, as I explained before- “the mother recipe” for these 3 posts. At some point I will be posting the proper recipe for pizza dough. The quantities are different of course, also the preparation method is a bit different, I also found out if you want to make a real pizza dough, it is very time consuming and requires some effort.

Today I’m bringing this pizza to Angie and her Fiesta Friday party. We are celebrating the Anniversary and it’s the second week of this great party! I hope to see you there!



It makes one big size pizza, preparation and proofing time the same as for Saturday White Bread or Tart with Onions and Courgettes, time in the oven- 25 min, the oven temperature- if you bake bread, then exactly the same 240 C, if not, preheat the oven 45 min before, you can also make the steam as described in Saturday White Bread post.

  1. 350 g of the bread dough
  2. 1 glass of tomato juice- 250 ml
  3. 2 cloves of garlic
  4. basil laves- as many as you like
  5. 3 tablespoons of olive oil
  6. salt and black pepper
  7. 1 ball of mozzarella
  8. 2 hard boiled eggs
  9. 5-6 mushrooms
  10. 2 small onions
  11. 1 courgette
  12. a few slices of ham or sausage if you’re not vegetarian



If you know how to toss the pizza dough, then go for it! Otherwise just try to stretch it according to the pizza baking form you have. I used a tart baking form just to give it this nice, rustic look, but otherwise any pizza shape will do.


In a small bowl combine tomato sauce, olive oil, chopped basil leaves and garlic- crush it before. Add some salt and pepper. Mix everything and spread over the dough evenly. Slice mozzarella, and place on the pizza bottom together with the sauce. Slice the rest of the ingredients and place them over the pizza according to your liking- you can change the proportions of course or add something else.

If your oven is ready place the pizza inside for about 25 min- remember it’s a bread dough so the baking time is slightly different comparing to the traditional one. Also, since I’ve never tried to make this pizza in a real pizza oven or on the pizza stone I simply don’t know what would be the baking time for these. However, I assume if you can reach the temperature of 300 C or more- I think these special pizza ovens can- then it should be much faster! So, if you’re going to use any of these, please be careful with the baking time.


This pizza is excellent with a glass of red wine or a beer. I hope you’re having fantastic Friday!



Happy Fiesta everyone 🙂

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50 thoughts on “Rustic Pizza- Surprise Number 2 and let’s party at the Fiesta Friday!

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    • Kellie this is something you could try! For me it was the same- but now I make like 2-3 breads a week so almost every Friday night we have pizza- I’m working on other combinations for this dough, but pizza is a fantastic one I have to say. Also very healthy- you can make it using the real sourdough too and chose the right flour type so you really decide about what you eat even if it’s just a pizza 🙂


  2. I am so jealous of your sausages! My cousin is trying to convince me to invest in a professional cutter so I can make my own ‘Fleischkäse’, and from there to sausages is kind of unavoidable … Happy FF!


    • I knew it would make you happy- you know one day maybe I’ll have enough courage to attempt those sausages. My Dad is incredible- nothing can compare to this taste, the meat, the jelly around it, all cooked for a few hours and then smoked- can you imagine that? The flavor of these sausages keeps haunting me, and my friend he makes different flavors too- red pepper, garlic…I think it’s amazing!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Stunning pizza, Marta…I imagine the flavors are fabulous! Your photos are absolutely gorgeous. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your recipe with all of celebrating the anniversary of Fiesta Friday!


    • It was my pleasure Nancy. Fiesta Friday is famous from fantastic recipes- I’ve been watching the party quietly for some time now 🙂 yes, this pizza is really good, it’s mostly about the dough and of course my Dad’s homemade sausage!!


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    • Thank you!! How is my favorite place on this planet? Yes, my dad knows so much about preparing food- I’m trying to remember some of his methods, hoping that one day I could use them- the pizza was mystic for sure 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      • It’s sunny and warm here now but we had some days of torrential rain. Hope you are managing to keep warm over there, that mystic pizza is sure to help. Have a great weekend! 😊


  5. Your pizza looks absolutely delicious Marta! Thank you so much for joining in and sharing the recipe with the Fiesta Friday crowd over at Angie’s The Novice Gardener blog. Today is Part 2 of the special anniversary edition and your pizza is a great addition to the table!

    Liked by 1 person

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