Mini Croissants with jam and how I’ve met Alan Rickman

This has been the longest brake I had from blogging ever, but I’m doing this certificate- when I’m done will tell you exactly what it is, so I have to study. I admit though I really like it, and I’m not complaining here at all, just feel really bad about missing all those new recipes you all posted in the meantime. I will try to catch up on everything, and once I’m done with my exams- still two to go- I will get back to my posting routine. I don’t know how it works for you, but if I have to study, I read  those celebrity gossip online things, just for entertainment. Yes, I do it! However, some of the celebrity news websites are incredibly stupid, and in the end it’s not as relaxing as you think it could be. When I was working on this particular recipe, I wondered if I’ve ever met a celebrity or a famous actor- which probably sounds even better and there you go!! Alan Rickman. For those of you who love Happy Potter, it’s easy to figure out who he is- famous Severus Snape, who appeared to be the protector of Harry and an incredibly talented magician. Some of you might remember him as Colonel Brandon in Sense and Sensibility, shy and quiet but very much a man of manners and real values- so romantic I know 🙂 If you liked Robin Hood you remember him as the bad Sheriff of Notthingham!! So now the question is what all this has to do with me ha? A few years ago- when I lived in Dublin- I was going back home from work, and as per usual I took the fast tramway called the Luas- which by the way in Gaelic means ” light”. It was late in the afternoon, not that many people on the tram, and me looking at the guy who was standing just next to me…Hang on a second?! WHAT?? Alan Rickman on the luas in Dublin?? This cannot be!! And it was…It was really Alan Rickman. Of course I would not be myself if I didn’t start talking to him. At first I only asked if it was really him, and when he confirmed I couldn’t believe it. Especially because he is truly one of my favorite actors ever, and I have lots of respect for his creations- honestly I love him as Colonel Brandon. You can laugh now, but I’ve seen that move like I don’t know how many times. So I told him this, and I told him that I really like him for all the movies from before “the Harry Potter” period, and he was really pleased to hear it. He told me he was playing in the theatre- the one in Dublin is actually very famous- and he was going to the evening rehearsals. Just like that! On the luas! If you think of some of  the characters he played, those were not the nicest ones. In a real life though Alan Rickam is very polite, and really an approachable person. We talked for a little while, and he said “You have to come to see the play!” He also told me he liked Dublin and he was happy to come and perform. If you think of a star of this format- because he is THE star- one of the most famous actors of our times, and still a normal person. Someone who can have a nice and polite conversation with a curious girl from the tram, someone who goes to work like most of us, by using the public transport- and let me tell you, no huge sun glasses here and a scarf around the head “to hide”your face 😀 I still remember the way he was dressed, and I thought he was a bit tired, but patiently replying on my questions and smiling too. Before he got off the tram, he said goodbye and told me it was nice talking to me, and I was smiling to myself until I got home. And no, I don’t have “a selfie” with Alan Rickman!! I simply still remember that day and the conversation.


And now the recipe. Last Sunday I realised I had nothing sweet for breakfast, and you know Sunday without any pastry is a wasted Sunday. A few days before I called my sister, who is a busy mom of two, and she told me “If you need something easy, quick but still yummy try these croissants”. This is really a quick recipe. My sister told me that one evening my niece remembered it was her turn to bring some pastries to school, but it was already 10 p.m.! They found a recipe and these little beauties were ready in 30 min. My version is a bit longer- 10 min more, and I changed some ingredients, but still if you’re desperate and have not much time this will do for sure.


Makes around 25 small croissants, baking time 20-25 min, the oven temperature- 180 C

  1.  3 glasses of every purpose flour- however I mixed here some spelt flour too- just one glass out of three- each glass around 116 gr in my case
  2. 100 g of butter
  3. 1 egg and 1  egg yolk
  4. 2 vanilla sugars
  5. 1 flat teaspoon of dry yeast
  6. half a glass of milk- warm it up but do not boil
  7. 2 tablespoons of sugar- white is fine, I used the brown one
  8. 1 big tablespoon of thick cream
  9. 1 tablespoon of orange flour water
  10. pinch of salt
  11. some powdered sugar for icing the croissants
  12. jam of your choice- I used the apricot one

Mini croissants 1


Preheat the oven.

This is the simplest pastry you’ve ever done, I promise. In a glass combine the yeast, 1 tablespoon of sugar and 1-2 tablespoons of flour. Mix it and set aside for a few minutes. In the meantime, in a big glass/plastic bowl place the flower, make a well and add the yeast mixture inside. Spread the warm milk around it, the sugar and wait another few minutes- just to give the yeast a bit of kick. Grate the butter and add it too, also the vanilla sugar and the orange flower water. Start kneading the pastry, until it’s consistency is smooth, all ingredients are well incorporated and the pastry is sort of dense. I knead the pastry in a plastic bowl, and I do not add more flour, however if you think the pastry is still a bit too sticky feel free to do so. At the very end you should get a nice size pastry ball. Using the rolling pin roll it over a floured surface into a long rectangle- in my case its height was about 10 cm. Using a knife, cut the rectangle into triangles- each of the same size. On each triangle spread some jam- of your choice, and roll it starting from the widest side. Once the croissants are ready place them on a baking sheet. I left mine for about 5-6 min, just to give them some more air.

Egg wash- in a glass stir together the egg yolk and the cream. Brush the top of each croissant.

Place the croissants in the oven for about 25 min, or until they get a nice golden color. Once you take them out, as a last thing ice them gently with some powdered sugar- the pastry is not very sweet as such, so it will give a nice but gentle sugary taste to it- if you need it of course.

You can eat them while still warm- the best with hot chocolate or coffee! Have a lovely weekend 🙂




29 thoughts on “Mini Croissants with jam and how I’ve met Alan Rickman

  1. Alan Rickman!! I remember I first watched him in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves! Hahaah. And he was awesome as Colonel Brandon…what a dynamic actor. It’s so nice to know that he is cool in person too. Thanks to you, all of the sudden I feel the need to much on croissants while watching Sense and Sensibility!! How fun would that be? 😉


  2. Lucky lucky you! I adore Alan Rickman too. Truly Madly Deeply is on of my all-time favourite films (with Juliette Stevenson in the most convincing crying scene you will EVER see). I had heard he was a real gentleman and I am pleased to hear it confirmed. And this diddy wee croissants. They look convincing as “the real thing” too. 🙂


  3. Brilliance, love the quick and simple recipes, even more when they are delightful like this one. Can’t wait to try! 🙂 Super good luck with the exams & Hawt Dang that is cool you got to meet Alan Rickman.


    • Always so good to see you here! I hope all is good on the other side of the planet. This recipe is very easy, I’m sure you could try it on a desperate Sunday morning!! Hugs xx


  4. Okay, firstly, beautiful croissants, and stunning photos 😀
    Secondly, lots and lots of luck with your exams 🙏👏
    Thirdly….LOVE Alan Rickman! He was just so lovely as Colonel Brandon, and I love love love Sense and Sensibility! And as the Sheriff in Robin Hood, just so sexy!! You lucky girl, and it’s so nice to hear that he was friendly and approachable. What a great memory you get to keep xxxx
    Happy Sunday 😘😘😘


    • I can tell you that I was not hesitating a second once I realised it was HIM 😛 I decided to take my chance!! My first memory of him was that terrible terrorist in one of the Die Hard movies- with Bruce Willis, but yes Colonel Brandon is the one that wins the whole competition! He truly is the sweetest man and this is one of the nicest memories I have. Thank you so much Elaine ❤❤😘

      Liked by 1 person

    • I think all girls like him for this particular movie- me too to be honest 😛 he created a man we all want and look for in the end. I guess it’s a good topic for another post haha but as I said before, he is really kind and I consider myself a very lucky that I could meet him and talk to him just like that. I treasure this memory. Have a lovely weekend Jess ❤xx


  5. If I had this plate near me right now, all my dieting plans for the next week would be gone out the window! Nothing beats the combination of a good dough and jam, especially apricot. 🙂

    Alan Rickman is indeed one of the best actors. So nice to learn he’s also so nice in person. It’s actually great you could have a conversation with him. I’m sure if photos would be involved it would change the dynamics. Memories are more important than a selfie! 🙂


  6. Love Alan Rickman! He always appeared to be a classy guy! And yes…I loved him in Harry Potter and Sense and Sensibility! How nice to hear that he is as nice in person as on the screen! I have to make these and yep..I will maybe sneak in a romantic Sense and Sensibility film too! Thanks so much for sharing this. xxxxxx


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