Chickpea hummus and Father’s Day

So today it’s Father’s Day right? I don’t think my dad would be a big fan of hummus, however last time when I saw him we had a strange conversation about healthy foods, and trust me it was him telling mi stuff. What I should eat, and what to avoid, and why to use olive oil instead of the sunflower one and so on…I wasn’t sure what to think about the whole thing, and I don’t want to say he became like this only because he’s getting old- it wouldn’t be fair. I noticed however, my dad is way more conscious of what he eats, which is a good thing. Many people tell me when they were little, their mom was the one looking after them- most of the time anyway. Well, for me it was the opposite. My mom worked in the office, so she would leave the house very early in the morning, and my dad had to get us ready to school. And I’m not talking here teenagers, we were like 7-8, so imagine how difficult it could be for a man to manage TWO girls of this age 😀 But it was working for the three of us great! My dad simply cooked for breakfast what we wanted to eat, he was making a second breakfast for us too- sometimes really crazy things, and I still remember that fish I got once and wasn’t sure how to eat it, but I loved it and he knew it would make me happy! And…any time we would miss the school bus my dad was driving us to school. To be perfectly honest, my sister and I were doing it on purpose, since we loved when he drove us there. So now imagine us in the car=happy, my dad driving= not really happy, and in front of the car the school bus driving very slowly…My dad brought me to my new school when I was 6- we went there in June, just to sing me up before September. I still remember how I was dressed, and I remember my dad on a motorbike, and me wearing a funny white little helmet! I remember any time I was sick, after we visited a doctor, my dad- who is not a big fan of reading- would bring me to the bookshop and I could pick a book I liked. When we were in a high school it was my dad bringing us there every morning, and he would give us the last small money he had in his pockets for sweets or fruits. My dad was making little furniture for our dolls, sowing clothes for them too- we didn’t have Barbie, and he was taking us to the circus in the summer time. In the winter time he was organizing a sleigh competition and a snowman building competition! He taught us how to feed the birds, and what they like to eat. Every Christmas he was bringing the biggest possible Christmas tree, and he was decorating it with us. He was buying the cutest hamsters for us, and trust me we spent many evenings looking for them when they escaped! My mom used to say he was doing all these things since he never really grew up himself, but I guess thanks to all these memories my life as an adult is much better. For my dad my sister and I were always the smartest, the good looking ones, and those ones who deserve all the best. He had never any doubts we would do well, and I can still see how proud he was when we graduated from the university. The only thing I can say now is Thank You Dad!

And now hummus. It’s is true I’m being busy, but I found some time and participated in a food photo workshop in Warsaw last week! I will tell you about it when I get more time, and once I feel more comfortable with all the techniques I’ve learnt there. I will share this knowledge here with you, as I can imagine we all are aiming to be better at food photography. I hope you can see the first results here today. For now I can tell you I was a guest in a very special house, very special place, and this chickpea hummus was one of the things we were working on and with. I couldn’t stop eating it, it was delicious!! So, yesterday I bought 2 jars of chickpea and there you go. Enjoy my Friends!!



Preparation time- about 20-25 min, cooking time- 5-8 min max

  1. 1 jar of chickpea- 400 g was mine- I realized two jars was way too much, unless you really like hummus 🙂
  2. fresh lemon juice- half a lemon is enough
  3. 2 small cloves of garlic
  4. olive oil
  5. salt and black pepper
  6. marjoram



The easiest thing to make in the world! In a pot boil the chickpea- don’t use the water from the jar, but do not throw it away, next time I will show you how to use it! Chickpea is already good to be eaten, but I cooked it just for a few minutes, literally 5 min is fine. Set it aside until it cools down a bit. Blend the chickpea together with garlic, lemon juice, pinch of salt and pepper. I also added 2-3 tablespoons of olive oil, just to make it more creamy.


Once all ingredients are combined serve your hummus with some olive oil on top and some marjoram. It’s perfect with pita or soda bread, or just on its own!! Happy Father’s Day to all dads reading this post today 🙂 Have a lovely Sunday!



23 thoughts on “Chickpea hummus and Father’s Day

  1. Please wish your dad a super happy belated fathers day. 🙂 Lucky you having such an awesome dad. My father passed away a long time ago, so we celebrate Mom on Fathers day.

    Looking forward to hearing about your workshop. And WOW…. Your hummus looks amazing, your photographs are stunning, you are very clever making a beige dip pop like that.

    Enjoy your week lovely one.
    Cheers from a cold Australia. 🙂


  2. Yum…love hummus! And I can’t wait to hear more about your Warsaw photography class! I really don’t know that you need too many classes though Marta…your photos are incredible! Nevertheless, food photo classes are such great places to meet other like-minded, good people. I’ve been to one before (w/ Helen Dujardin) and it was amazing! 🙂


    • Helen is one of my favorites- I bought her book like a year ago, sh’s great and I’m jealous now that you could learn from her!! How amazing is that Bonnie! I hope my photos are going to be even better after this class and I will do more classes for sure haha I hope you are well my sweetheart, it’s always so good to hear from you. Lots of hugs xxx


    • My dad is cool, so true, and I should be seeing him more often no doubts. I noticed you were on holidays Linda- pity we didn’t meet in Paris!! I could have come to see you- it’s like two hours on a train from Lux my dear- next time no hiding my friend, I will come and find you 😀


  3. Your dad sounds like a very awesome guy and surely an awesome dad, Marta. Happy Father’s day to him 🙂

    I love your hummus; your photos are great, and I can’t wait to hear about your workshop. xoxo


    • Pang it was an incredible experience and I have to make some time to share it here. I’m scared I will forget everything I’ve learnt but I hope it will become an habit soon, and I will find what I’m looking for. My dad is great, true, and thank you for saying it 😀 I hope you’re well my dear xxx


    • Thank you so much Ronit. Yes, I know everyone uses Tahini, but I was afraid it could overwhelm the flavor of chickpea so decided to use only olive oil this time and it worked perfectly well. I love this hummus, couldn’t stop eating it to be honest. It was delicious with some avocado and bread! I hope you’re well Ronit xx

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thank you Marta, I am well and hope you are too.
        It all depends how much tahini you put in the hummus. When adding a bit, it adds a lovely sesame flavor, which I personally like. I love olive oil too, so I’m sure I’ll love your version just as well. 🙂


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