Cherry Dumplings/ Pierogi again- summer version- Home sweet home part 1

That lady you can see on the cover picture is my Mom…I haven’t seen her for a very long time – 2 years- I know, it sounds terrible, but the circumstances did not let me go home during that time, and finally in June I managed to do it. I have so many things to share with you, and it took me a while to decide where I should start, and what I should tell you first, but after a long consideration I figured this is what you have to see today. Homemade cherry dumplings. Why? Because this post  Polish Dumplings was the most popular on my blog- like really, the most popular ever. Because you HAVE to see how my Mom makes it, and trust me, I would not be able to compete here! In my post I showed you exactly each step- how to prepare the dough, and what is important, and I photographed carefully the tricky parts too- at least I thought they could be tricky. Today I will show you what I saw, and I was only taking pictures, and admiring the speed of the Dumpling Master- it’s true, my Mom is incredibly fast when comes to this. That particular morning- it was my last day at home, she made for me these cherry dumplings, which I was eating all the way back to Luxembourg…yeah, I know! She also made a homemade pasta- and this is the next post, right after this one, since these two events took place the very same morning! If we think we are quick and organised in the kitchen, and we manage everything, I recommend to have a look at these pictures. The idea of these sessions was no styling, it’s more of a documentary style- simple reason- there was no time, or I should rather say my Mom did not give me enough time 😀 At some point I started taking pictures in auto mode- no time for setting the camera up! As you will see the light is kind of dark and you can see the shadows too- it’s the early morning, 6 a.m. to be exact. It was also Sunday, and my Mom starts cooking her famous chicken soup- hence the pasta- and these dumpling was a rather spontaneous idea, when I started complaining about the fact, that I had dumplings only once since I got home…My Mom said- no problem, we’ll do it now! Yay! I will not be explaining much, I think you can have a look at my Polish Dumplings post, if you need more details related to the ingredients. Try to make these dumplings with fruits like here with cherries, you’ll ses it’s a perfect summer dish. Most importantly I’m happy to share here with you these last few hours I spent at home. Soon I also will show you the life on a little farm! I hope you will forgive me the number of pictures- as per usual I didn’t manage to be reasonable about it 🙂


Preparation- the method

Use exactly the same proportions as in Polish Dumplings post– and about 0.5kg of cherries. As on the picture above you can cut them in half in necessary, and add some sugar. Please have a look at these pictures, I let you watch how the dough should be done- if you could see the time on those pictures, you would realize that each sequence is taken literally every few seconds- the whole thing took about 20 min!!







When the dough is ready look at what my mom does- she takes a small piece of the dough and she shapes a ball.


Many dough balls which are going to be yummy cherry dumplings 🙂


See for yourselves what the master of a roller pin can do with these…


And the cherries…


Here you can see step by step how to fill the dumpling in with cherries- it’s easy!





Perfection- wouldn’t you agree? 🙂



This is the finale of our cherry dumplings adventure- as I said I didn’t have time to do any styling, honestly why would I even bother! Eat the dumplings while still hot, you can add some cream and sugar or butter. Enjoy!

Oh and yes, I ate them all…:-D




21 thoughts on “Cherry Dumplings/ Pierogi again- summer version- Home sweet home part 1

  1. Hello-hello! 🙂 We call them ‘vareniki’! And with cherries is my all the time favorite! 😀 yummy-yummy! I wrote the post too, but about savory dumplings- with potato&mushrooms, that’s my fav savory filling:
    I’ve seen your previous post about dumplings, that’s so interesting that you mix potato with quark. In Russia, dumplings with tvorog (I believe, it’s similar to quark) are also made but the sweet version. 🙂


  2. I agree, perfection indeed!
    Your mom sounds like a wonderful woman and an incredible cook!

    Glad you got to see her for some much needed and overdue quality time ☺☺

    Miss you girlie


  3. Your Mum has a PhD in Dumplingology and your have a Master’s! No need to style when working with such a personal and homely recipe. I could feel the love you have for your Mum through this post. I’m glad you got to spend such wonderful, quality time with her. Cherries are a favourite of mine and what a fabulous idea to treat them so simply, but so very very well. xx


  4. Oh wow, Marta, such a great post and recipe. I love to see your mother’s hands – they have all the culinary wisdom in them. So natural…
    I love these “old fashioned” recipe. I posted one of my maternal grandmother’s recipes today. They are really more special than others… 🙂
    I will keep this recipe and hope to make it soon. Thanks! 🙂


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