Home sweet home- Summer…

I hope you still remember me 🙂 I don’t know where all this time is gone, but when I got that email from Pang (Circa Happy) saying ” I went on to your blog and I can see you’re not blogging anymore” I thought- Oh boy!! This is it! I’m out of the blogosphere for good! So here I am- still here people, just being really really busy- and it was worth it! This summer I traveled a bit, and if you’ve already seen my previous post Cherry Dumplings, you know I went home to see my family. I miss home and I really miss that hot summer, so today I would like to show you the surroundings of my parent’s place.  My mom has two gardens- the vegetable one and the one with the flowers. The truth is though that during the summer time the whole house is almost invisible, cause the flowers and trees are EVERYWHERE. For me this is the most beautiful time of a year, and I love spending my holidays at home- who doesn’t right? My parents have a small farm and if you live in the city, it’s always nice to go back to the routes and see all those animals and even if just for a moment to live this life. This morning when I was editing the pictures I thought I should be going back more often, because it is really a lovely place. I hope you are going to enjoy these views- I’m sure we all want our summer back!

Below, in the background you can see an old shed- it’s about 150 years old, and I love the smell of an old wood inside of it. My dad stores there wheat and hay for the winter.


My mom is very proud of her flowers, and she should be! Just look at them- aren’t they amazing? My dad looks after the garden too, and he has “green hands” as we say in my country. No matter what plant he touches, it will grow …







I told you once that the animals living on my parent’s farm are happy, and they have a good life. Just have a look at those little fellows, don’t they look happy indeed?


This little fellow below is one of my mom’s favorite- my mom keeps him, so as those little chickens on the picture below him only because the look so beautiful. It’s a decoration in another words 🙂



The guard – this turkey is a bit nervous. I was trying to avoid him while taking the picture!


My dad used to have bees- you know that I still remember the taste of fresh honey- we were eating is straight from the hives, just like that! With fresh bread!


Here you can see the back of my house- apple and plum trees, and the flowers of course…


In the background you see some grapes- amazingly they started growing a few years ago despite of rather cold winters- again it was my dad who planted them.


And our favorite place- the raspberry bush!! My mom doesn’t let us to pick them, cause she makes juice and a marmalade for winter, but we sneak out on occasions and eat as many as we can!IMG_2682

The way to get to my little paradise …I hope you enjoyed that little trip back in time 🙂 Next time I will show you how my mom makes pasta!



29 thoughts on “Home sweet home- Summer…

  1. I am SO GLAD you are back, Marta. When I sent that e-mail, I was afraid that you would stop blogging forever, and that made it hard for me to see how you are 🙂
    It’s good to stop & recharge though.

    These photos show me why you wanted to enjoy all those in solitude. xoxo


    • Thank you so much my dear xx it was so good to go back in time and be there again, I can’t wait to go back for real- my mom’s garden is absolutely a wonderful place 🙂 I hope you’re well and happy xx


  2. Missed you Marta!! So happy you’re back! These pictures are just splendid. I’m from LA so it’s really hard to imagine living in a natural surrounding as beautiful as this. Your parents are obviously extremely talented…everything looks so well kept and gorgeous!

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