Buns with mushrooms served with beetroot soup, otherwise known as borscht

This period between Christmas and the New Year is special for many reasons. For many it’s the time when we go home to see our loved ones. For some it’s the time when we don’t go to work and just enjoy our days off. Some of us go on real holidays- I don’t, but if I could it would be one of those warm countries. To be quite frank I have had this sneaky plan for the last few years now, and sooner or later I will do it! I’m pretty sure during this period many of us think of those people who are not with us any more but they are always close to our hearts and any time we see our families it just comes naturally that we speak of them, and think of them and they are still alive in our memories. It’s the power of tradition, the power of our memories, those moments when we were all together, those little bits and pieces of our every day life and our past, which made us happy, or laugh or maybe even not, but still this is part our life isn’t it. When I think of Christmas I remember my Grandma showing up at our place- she was usually late!

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